Newsletter for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Professionals – September 2021 Edition.


The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Professionals (EDIPs) has finally established itself as a bona fide Parliamentary Group. However, this was not without a few problems, as those who had accepted the invitation to the AGM had their invitations hurriedly withdrawn at short notice. This was due to the speaker of the House of Commons
placing restrictions on members of the public being allowed access to the House of Commons on 8th September. All but urgent business was also cancelled. This was due to security concerns and Khalid Mahmood MP, commented that, “In over 20 years of being a Member of Parliament this is extremely rare for this to happen.”

Fortunately, the restrictions were partially lifted at 2pm on the same day which allowed the AGM to go ahead as planned. Khalid Mahmood MP added, “I am looking forward to working with the APPG. I welcome the expertise of professionals in this area of work. I have no doubt, groundbreaking issues will be identified and considered and am confident that their answers will create
change for the better.”

The election of Khalid Mahmood MP to Chair the APPG was confirmed along with the appointment of other MPs who took relevant key positions.

Khalid Mahmood MP, Chair of the All-Party
Parliamentary Group for Equality, Diversity and
Inclusivity Professionals






Of equal importance, a work programme for the APPG was outlined. This includes addressing the Josh MacAlister review. Mr MacAlister will be invited to a future meeting of the APPG to hear the thoughts of EDI professionals on his important review of children’s social care. Please watch out for a date on this and contact the APPG secretariat, embraceEDI at, if you have any points for consideration.

The APPG will also be looking into previous concerns raised by OFSTED around fostering and the recruitment of carers from diverse backgrounds. The APPG is keen to review how matters have progressed since their last 2019 report. OFSTED will be invited to a future meeting of the APPG where parliamentarians and EDI professionals will be able to discuss this further.

The APPG will actively seek out and explore learning from others currently making an impact in EDI work. One such example is French former footballer, Lilian Thuram, who now runs the Lilian Thuram Foundation for Education Against Racism. The APPG is keen to hear Lilian talk at a future APPG meeting and to further support the promotion of his new books, “My Black Stars” and “White  Thinking,” in order to aid our learning and understanding around race here in the UK.

Keeping You Informed We will continue to keep you regularly informed on all matters relating to the APPG. embraceEDI will be acting as the APPG secretariat and all correspondence should be sent through to them at

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