Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
All Party Parliamentary Group for Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Professionals
Wednesday 25th October 2023, 3.45pm
Room Q, House of Commons, Port Portcullis House

Khalid Mahmood MP (Labour)
Tahir Ali MP (Labour)
Saqib Bhatti MP (Conservative)
Lord Qurban Hussain (Lib Dem)
Rupa Huq MP (Labour)
Afzal Khan MP (Labour)
Yasmin Mohammed MP (Labour)
Lorraine Olley (Equalities, Diversity and Inclusivity Expert)
Yasmin Qureshi MP (Labour)
Virendra Sharma MP (Labour)
John Spellar MP (Labour)
Mohammad Yasin MP (Labour)

1. Welcome
Khalid Mahmood welcomed members of the APPG and thanked them for taking the time to attend the AGM.

2. Appointment of APPG Chair
There were no new nominations for the position of APPG Chair. Khalid Mahmood MP (Labour) was reappointed to serve as Chair for a
further year.

3. Appointment of APPG Vice – Chair
Lord Qurban (Lib Dem) and Rupa Huq were both appointed as APPG Vice Chairs. Khalid Mahmood extended his thanks to the outgoing
APPG Vice Chair. John Spellar MP, for his support.

4. Appointment of APPG Treasurer
There were no new nominations for the position of Treasurer. Saqib Bhatti MP (Conservative) was reappointed to serve as the APPG
Treasurer for a further year.

5. APPG Membership
Whilst Yasmin Quereshi was unable to be a formal member of the APPG she expressed a wish to be kept up to date on the group’s
progress and would like to contribute to its activities wherever possible.

6. Re-appointment of the APPG Secretariat
embraceEDI was reappointed as the APPG Secretariat.

7. Financial Accounts
There was no income or expenditure for the APPG over the past year and therefore no financial accounts were recorded.

8. Work Completed 2022/2023
It was noted by the APPG Chair, the good, supportive and constructive work undertaken analysing and responding to the findings of
the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care.
Two meetings had taken place with Josh MacAlister to discuss the APPG’s findings and to enable him to respond to the APPG’s initial

The concluding report of the APPG included some very practical guidance to support the implementation of the review and to ensure
that issues around race, identity and the cultural needs of vulnerable children from a black and Asian background can be
effectively addressed.

A copy of the concluding report was submitted to Josh MacAlister and also to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and
Communities and Minister for Intergovernmental Relations, Michael Gove, to support the implementation of this important review of
children’s social care over the coming years.

9. Work Programme 2023/2024
It was noted by the APPG Chair that a meeting would be taking place immediately following the APPG AGM to continue its work to
produce a universal Equalities Standard. Khalid Mahmood stressed the importance of this work, the objective of which is to guide
and support good practice, and achieve greater impact and consistency for organisations and professionals committed to delivering a
workable equalities agenda. Work has so far engaged EDI professionals from all sectors and at the APPG meeting there will be an
opportunity for members to provide feedback on the first draft produced by the APPG secretariat.

10. A.O.B
No items were raised.